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Smart & Dumb Peoples Welcome

but try and leave the drama elsewhere

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A random questions community...with worms & stuff
Since I've been on Livejournal I've come across numerous Random Question communities. I loved the first one but it kinda got torn down by drama. In fact, a lot of them have been deleted by their moderators when things got out of hand.

Not this time.

I'm setting this up, doing one run of community advertising, possibly one crossposted question, and then I'm done. Other than usual community moderation, a question every so often, and answering stuff of course, I'm pretty much letting what happens happen. I figure anybody can post any kinda question they want to so long as it's not too offensive. If there's a little drama...so be it.

If you want to advertise any kind of community please do so at Livejournal OverdoseWe·Need·a·Life and not here. I used to allow advertising in any of my communities if it kept to the theme of that community but I'd like to cut down on that a bit...until it dwindles to nothing.

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your moderator is The DopplegangerRay
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